Planting Season Approaches

Well, planting season is coming upon us fast. Here are some things to think about as you get ready for the start of a new crop year...

The experts feel the market will take a good hit after the March 31st prospective planting and grain stocks report is released. The report is at 11am that day; I would keep in mind to watch the markets very close at this point so you don’t possibly miss out on what could be our best prices for the upcoming crop. From what I hear and see the new crop beans could be the market that gets hit the hardest. Will it rebound if this happens? Good question, it would take a weather scare or something to happen with South America’s crop in the near future. 

Of course, the price could change even more as summer passes by. We all know how it works: a dry and hot summer can raise the prices and great growing conditions can certainly drag the market right to the bottom. At this point I am just encouraging you to look at your new crop marketing plans and try not to wait for that real high dollar mark.

We also want to remind you to be safe this spring!

Thank you,
Travis Magoon, Grain Department


Moving on From a Successful Harvest

We had a great harvest as far as weather goes, and the crop seemed to be better than most thought it would be. I want to take this chance to thank all the patrons for doing business at Equity Elevator. Also, I want to extend a big thank you to all the guys at the elevator for their hard work this past fall.  When you’re in, give them a thank you!

A reminder to all that are thinking about deferred payments, please get them into us as soon as possible. This will make Pam’s job much easier and efficient. Pam works plenty hard the way it is so any way we can speed things along, let us try and do so. 

Also keep in mind the report that comes out January 10th. This seems to be the report that moves the markets the most in the winter months. It is my guess as well as yours to which way this report will move the markets. But I can tell you this, when the market gets flooded with those who have to sell to make payments or just to live, the markets have the potential to move around a lot. I guess I am saying when you see a number that works for you, it may be time to just grab it and run. 

If you need any help with your marketing, we are here to help as much as we can.

Thank you again and happy holidays to all!

Travis Magoon
Grain Merchandiser

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