USDA Update - June 30, 2015


Grain News - June 2015

Equity Elevator patrons,

Well, the planting season should be all done by this point, so now it’s getting time to start selling your grain. Most of you are aware of our remodeling project at the elevator and that we are very limited on space to dump grain all summer. I am working very hard with everyone looking to sell their grain throughout this summer by doing direct ships to a few different end-users around us. This does include picking your grain up right off the farm any time this summer. I hope that you give me the chance to market your grain to make this as easy as we possibly can. We have already done a few hundred thousand bushels this way in the past month or so and it has gone very well. Give me a call so we can make this a successful marketing summer and get you the best price we can for your grain. We appreciate your business at Equity Elevator & Trading Co.

Thank you and have a great summer!

Travis Magoon
Grain Merchandiser


Grain News - April 2015

As some of you may have heard, we have some exciting news at Equity Elevator! We will be remodeling the south driveway starting in May of this spring. The remodel includes a new scale and a pit big enough to dump a semi without having to move. The legs will also be removed and a new put one in its place. The leg will go from 4,000 bushels an hour to 20,000 and will be up and running by this harvest. The south driveway will be down all summer and grain intake will be very slow. We will only dump on the north driveway in Wood Lake when needed. We have to save room for the people that bring corn in every month for Grain Bank so we can make their feed. I am going to work very hard with each and every one of our patrons on marketing their grain the best way we can. I am going to do direct ship contracts with most of you. I am getting set up to have drivers pick up right off the farm all this summer as you need to market your grain. 

We will not have price later storage for corn this year as well, but we are offering PL for soybeans at this time. This will be a trying summer for those that enjoy to dump in Wood Lake, but I assure you that this remodel will be the ticket to the future for Equity Elevator and our patrons!

I ask that you give us the opportunity to help you market your grain in the months to come. I understand that this may not logistically work for everyone, but if we work together, we can make this work for the summer. Please call me if you have thoughts, concerns or questions on how this will all play out. I appreciate your loyalty through this transition!

Thank you,

Travis Magoon
Grain Merchandiser