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Merchant's Plus Program

Equity Elevator is offering a corn and soybean marketing program through FC Stone called the Merchant’s Plus Program. Merchant’s Plus is a program that you sign up new crop bushels, and then FC Stone’s experts market those bushels trying to get the highest futures price that they can.

  • Increments of 2,500 bushels, with a 2,500 bushel minimum.
  • Pricing period is 2/22/16 to 11/15/16. Producer must set basis using the New Crop 2016 basis before delivery of the corn or soybeans.
  • FC Stone charges a fee of 10 cents per bushel for corn, and 15 cents per bushel for beans, taken out of the final futures price given to the farmer. No upfront cost.
  • Sign up deadline is Wednesday, February 17, 2016.
  • Bi-weekly progress and pricing updates are provided by FC Stone. After you sign up, I will pass that information along to you.

I recommend trying this program on a small portion of your new crop. It will help you have some grain sold directly out of the field and give you insight to the strategies these experts are using, as well as give you a benchmark to try and beat. Any questions please ask me! If you are interested in this program give me a call in the next few weeks at 507-485-3183 or 507-829-1531 or stop in to see me.


Jory Bossuyt
Grain Merchandiser