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From the Manager - September 2016

It is hard to believe that another fiscal year, summer, Wood Lake Fair and annual meeting have all slipped past us. Time is moving fast and harvest is just days away. 2016 has been a unique summer in that I never remember an August with rain like we have had this year. Hopefully it equates to the old adage, “Rain makes grain."

For those of you that attended the annual meeting, you witnessed Al Torke retiring from the board after twelve years of service. Al has served you the members, diligently and faithfully. Al was the president when I came to Wood Lake four years ago. In fact, Al was one of the reasons we decided to make the move to Equity. Three things impressed me about Al and the rest of the board...  First was their loyalty and commitment to Equity Elevator and Wood Lake. I remember after my first interview with the board, my wife asked me, “What do you think?” My response to her was, ”If everyone was as committed to making Equity successful as these seven guys, it was a good place to be." Secondly, Al, as well as the whole Board, was extremely honest, open and forthright with the facts. In fact, I felt Al went out of his way to be as open and transparent as anyone I had ever dealt with in a situation similar to this. In doing this job, it is not what you know, but what you do not know, that creates problems and sleepless nights. For that I am eternally grateful. And, as my third point, Al called me several times while I was contemplating the position and even after I accepted their offer and before we moved here. He just called to visit and see how things were working for us in making the transition. He was truly concerned and interested in our welfare, which in my mind, made him an excellent ambassador for both EET and Wood Lake. Al, we all offer a sincere thank you for your service to Equity Elevator and the Wood Lake community. 

I am excited about the arrival of fall weather and harvest. With our recent upgrade in the grain handling and dumping we should be able to get you in and out pretty fast. This year Jory also has a new program, 'Cash Advance Price Later'. Call Jory and have him explain how it can work to your advantage.  Make sure you check out the 'Grain Policies', effective September 1, posted in this issue of the newsletter.  Another program that is gaining in popularity is the 'Customer Loyalty Program'.  This program rewards agronomy customers with the potential of earning 10 cents per bushel premium on the price of their grain when selling to Equity Elevator, if they meet the requirements. This is strictly a voluntary program designed to reward you for your loyalty to Equity Elevator. If you sign up and decide you want to sell your grain elsewhere, you can. This is an agreement, not a contract. For more details visit with either Brooks or Jory. 

Those of you that have sold grain to Equity Elevator over the past fiscal year will be receiving a notice of your share of the DPAD allocation. The Board of Directors has decided to reallocate Equity’s DPAD allocation to you the members that sold grain this past fiscal year. You will be receiving a letter in October or November letting you know what your allocation is for your year-end tax planning. If you have any questions, please contact either Pam or me, we will be happy to help you.



Rod Winter
General Manager