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From the Board Room - Summer 2016

Since our last newsletter we have managed to plant our corn and soybeans, while enjoying some rain, some sunshine and some subnormal temperatures. All in all, pretty much a spring filled with Minnesota weather.

During March, April and May the Board of Directors has:

  • Reviewed Equity’s Insurance program with Glen Baker, our agent from Agri-Business Insurance Services.  Glen met with the Board for a yearly review all of our various insurance policies and programs.
  • Reviewed Equity’s Mission Statement.
  • Put a new Feed truck into service around the first part of April. A 2017 International ProStar that is driven by Lonnie.
  • Reviewed some upcoming equipment needs.  For example a few thing we discussed:

- The need for a new feed trailer.

- The need for a new conveyor to fill bunkers in the fall.

- The need to keep updating bins with zero entry bin sweeps. (The Board did approve the purchase and installation of a new sweep before fall.)

  • Discussed an employee training project that will work with employees to understand Cooperative Principles and Customer Service. The Board urges you as a member to complete the survey being sent out in the last half of June. Your participation will help us do a better job of meeting your needs with products and services. Our goal is to continue to improve our service to you the member.
  • Started our review of 'Grain Policies' for the upcoming fall. We will continue to work on this into the early summer and will be completed and available by September, and will be published in the Fall Newsletter.

As always if you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the current Board Members.

Have an enjoyable summer and plan to attend your annual meeting, scheduled this year for Monday, August 29 at the Community Center in Wood Lake.

Chris Long