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From the Boardroom - December 2016

The entire Board of Directors would like to thank Al Torke for his twelve years of service to Equity Elevator and wish him the best in his Board Retirement. We also want to take this opportunity to welcome newly elected Jonathon Wolff to the Board. Jonathon will be a real asset to EET in conducting your business and protecting your assets today and in the future.

The Board would like to thank everyone that helped make the fall harvest season one of the best in the one hundred plus years of operation. We handled a record amount of bushels during harvest this year with very few interruptions. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

This past fall the board has been busy conducting your business in three different areas: Operations Review, Property, Plant and Equipment Updates and Continuing Board Education and Planning.

Operations Review: We reviewed the renewal of our current property and liability insurance coverages, and we will be taking bids on this insurance this coming year, as we have decided to completely bid it out every three years. One very important decision that the Board made revolved around Employee Group Health insurance. We feel it is important to provide our employees with quality benefits. Employees are an important asset, and we want to continue attracting and retaining quality employees by taking care of them.  

Property, Plant and Equipment: Our goal is to continue improving our facilities and rolling stock on an annual basis. During the last few months we added a 1450 gal NH3 trailer, signed an order for the purchase of a new 24 ton CEI Pacer Hi-Output feed trailer to be manufactured and delivered by next summer. Recently did a major overhaul and updates to one of the grain semi tractors. We also renewed the lease on our Case Fertilizer Spreader and discussed the need to purchase a different tractor for use with augers and grain scoop to put down and pick up the grain piles.

Board Education and Planning: Board members continue to work on honing their skills and expertise by attending Director Certifications Training and other training to keep them abreast of the changes in laws and practices that affect EET. We continue to look at training and planning opportunities to benefit the EET Membership.

The Board welcomes your questions and comments. Please feel free to contact any of the Board Members or the General Manager.

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, we want to wish you “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

Chris Long