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Greetings From the Feed Department

There are a few new changes in the feed medications that have or are about to change.        

  1. Rumensen/MGA combination is no longer legal in a protein mix. You can buy them separately and mix together on the farm and it’s still legal. Most of our customers are buying their protein with rumensen and using MGA by means of a add pak, or using bovatec/MGA combination, which is still legal.
  2. Paylean is changing from a concentration of 9 grams per pound to a concentration of 2.25 grams per pound. This new concentration necessitates a change to the mixing directions, purchasing and inventory procedures. The new product will come in 50 lb bags instead of 25 lb. We’ll make the necessary adjustments as the change occurs.
  3. Albac 50 is a new product we started handling. The ingredients in this are Bacitracin Zinc. The claim on this product is an increase of weight gain and improved feed efficiency.
  4. Select DTX is a unique direct-fed microbial that is formulated using I-form bacteria. It is designed specifically for feed challenges caused by molds and mycotoxins. It should be fed when symptoms are present such as loose manure, low or erratic feed consumption, reduced milk production, elevated somatic cell, and poor reproductive performance including weak heats, cystic cows, and even abortions.

I’ve signed up the elevator employee’s for a community service project for the next two years. This is the Adopt a Highway program. We will be doing the stretch of Hwy. 274 from the north end of town to County Road 18. All of the employees will be helping and they will like it!!!

We will be closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day and doing a year-end inventory on New Year’s Eve Day. Please plan your feed needs accordingly so our employee’s can spend time with their families. So many of you have become close friends, and it has been fun to see all the changes in your families, and your farming operations over the last 30 years I’ve worked with some of you. For this I’m very thankful and would like to wish all present and future customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tom Staniszewski
Feed Department Manager

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