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Tidbits From the Feed Department

We’ve started carrying a few new products for dairy cows. Instead of using blood meal along with our base, we’re using a product from Purdue Agsolutions, called MetAAtien, which is a combination of blood plasma and amino acids. The cows will utilize 90% of this product compared to 76% of straight blood meal. Another product from Purdue is called LysAAmet which is an amino acid supplement to help improve profitability through increased milk volume and concentration of milk components. LysAAmet provides a concentrated, consistent and balanced amino acid supply with a focus on metabolizable lysine and methionine. University research has shown that these two amino acids supplied in the proper ratio can improve energy utilization in the diet which can result in increased milk yield, milk fat yield, and milk protein yield. Another product we’ve started using is extruded flax feed. It helps balance the ratio of omega fatty acids. This probably seems kind of boring but we’ve seen very good results on all three products along with good payback.

With the cattle markets showing losses on traditional cattle, many of our producers have started feeding Holsteins. Working with Big Gain feeds, we have a good packer contract available with J.B.S. in Green Bay. We have programs for getting calves from babies, 200 lbs, and feeders. We have producers that can background the 200 lb’ers to 500 lb’s. if interested contact myself or Don Ginder at Big Gain. The Holsteins show a good profit potential.

We’ll be making pelleted creep feed for calves on pasture again this summer. The pricing is quite a bit better than last year. There’s a booking program going on now on hydrolac and silage innoculants. We carry three different innoculants: one is a dry product, one is water soluble, and we also have one that’s water soluble with buchneri for longer storage life. We’re also taking tarp orders for delivery before fall.

Thanks, have a great spring season.

Tom Staniszewski
Feed Department Manager


Feed Dept. Update - October 2014

Greetings from the Feed Department!

The PEDv has calmed down in the area. The producers we work with are all doing on-going blood testing and at this time they are all negative. The main challenge seems to come in the winter months so we’re keeping the same protocol as far as washing the trucks and sanitizing equipment. If anybody has a outbreak please contact us so we can deliver the loads at the end of the day and power wash and sanitize and let dry overnight.

As in the past, we have bunker covers, ag bags and vapor barrier on hand. The covers run in widths of 32, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 feet, up to 1000 feet long. The ag bags are 8, 9, and 10 feet widths, from 100 to 300 feet long. We carry the 'Up North' brand, which is far superior to the foreign products on the market. We also carry both water soluble and dry applied silage, haylage, and corn innoculants. The products I recommend have Buchneri in them for a longer stability and bunk life.

I would like to remind everyone again about the mixer and compartment sizes. The mixer and the compartments in the feed trucks are all 3 ton, so it makes us a lot more efficient if feed is ordered in 3 ton increments. Hopefully we can pass the savings back to you, the producer. The semis have 8 compartments and the straight truck has 3 compartments.

I’m always looking for ways to improve our service to customers. If you have any suggestions on things you would like to see changed or different products we should handle, please contact me. When I started here 2.5 years ago, 85% of our business was hog feed and the balance split between dairy and beef. That has changed drastically with hog feed less than half of our business and a large increase in dairy, beef and sheep. As this has happened we needed to change a lot of the products we are carrying.

We have a few projects coming up in the mill. We are putting a roof over the roller mill and screener system, re-doing a leg by putting in more cups and a different drive to speed it up by 50%. We are also changing some of the rolls to try and get a more consistent product. We’ve already put in a new distributer this summer over the feed load-outs. Once the chemical shed is completed by the west store we will be cleaning up the old chemical warehouse and converting that to a feed warehouse. We will move all the feed up to the mill sos it is in one location to make it easier for your pick-up. This will also help us get a better handle on inventory.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please give me a call. Have a safe and bountiful harvest!

Tom Staniszewski
Feed Department Mgr.


Feed Dept. Update - April 2014

PED Virus Updates

So far, there isn’t any proof that PED is an airborne disease, as originally thought. It is spread thru contamination of fecal matter. There was a lot of talk coming out of Canada that it was being spread by starter feeds containing blood plasma. The Canadian food inspection agency has been re-testing the sources of blood plasma and has not been able to confirm a link between this and PEDV. These ingredients may contain genetic fragments of the PED virus that shows up on a PCR test. This result only indicates the presence of viral genetic material, not the live virus. We are working with our feed companies trying to decide if we should eliminate the plasma, which could result in possibly losing some gain and feed efficiency in the nursery pigs. The blood plasma has proven to help with feed intakes and average daily gain in the first two weeks of nursery feeding. One thing that is important is not to forget about the other causes of diarrhea in finishing pigs such as Ileitis and swine dysentery, both of which are treatable and preventable.

We have two confirmed sites that have PEDV so we are taking measures not to spread it. The doorways of our facilities have disinfectant mats. The two sites that are infected are delivered to the last loads of the day and the trucks are brought back and power-washed and disinfected and let set overnight. All grain received into our elevator that originates from hog farms is segregated for two weeks before being used in case of contamination. If your sites break please notify us so we can use the proper precautions. On the bright side, the markets are responding to it favorably, setting new highs.

Spring Bookings

We are currently doing bookings on the inoculants, hydrolac, and stock cow minerals. There is a significant savings by booking these early. With the mineral promotion, the producer gets a free bag of mineral with every ten purchased. Now is the time to get started on mineral with Rabon, IGR, or Clarifly for fly control this summer before the flies start. We offer these products in mixed feeds, minerals, lick tubs, and even in the milk replacers.

New Products

It seems we are constantly adding new products; one that I’m excited about is a milk replacer from Big Gain called 'Sure Wean'. It’s an accelerated milk replacer that is priced like most traditional replacers. The product we carry has deccox in it to help control coccidiosis. Using this replacer along with the Sure Wean starter, the calf should double in weight in 8 weeks. As I mentioned in the last newsletter, the feeding rate on Paylean has changed. The new product is 2.25 grams per pound, so the feeding rate is 2 to 4 pounds per ton of complete feed.

Equipment Updates

We have purchased a different semi tractor that Lonnie will be driving. We have a lot of equipment that needs updating that we have budgeted for over the next five years. One of the updates we will be doing this summer is replacing one of the feed distributors on the feed mill. This project will take 4 to 5 days to complete, so we will be asking for help on feed ordering when this happens. We are hoping to get everybody filled on feed before this happens, and then if feed is needed we will have another area mill help us fill your feed needs. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Tom Staniszewski
Feed Department Manager