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From the Feed Mill - June 2019

Greetings to all as we embark upon a new summer season! By the time this reaches you, I hope we are all enjoying warmer, drier weather, but MN continues to throw curve balls at us so we can never be too sure!

Whether snow, rain, sleet, or sunshine, the animals still need to eat, and our feed mill remains busy throughout every season. I thank all our employees who work hard to get the feed made and delivered, and our patrons who are so good to work with us throughout the various conditions we face.

I want to bring your attention to highlighting a couple of products we have available for cattle that you may or may not be familiar with. The first is Tend-R-Leen by Form-A-Feed. Tend-R-Leen has been around since 1963, but has recently come under Form-A-Feeds umbrella of products. Intended for beef cattle, it is a high-energy, low-roughage, simple method of feeding as you only need to offer the Tend-R-Leen pellet along with whole corn, mineral, salt and ample water supply. It is beneficial in that it eliminates the need for forage storage and processing, improves feed efficiency, produces less manure, and requires less equipment and labor. Please be in touch if this is a product you are interested in learning more about. We have more detailed information for you, as well as resources to help in converting steers from a roughage program vs. starting cattle from birth.

The second product I would like to highlight is Synergy Mineral from Big Gain, available for both beef cattle and dairy cattle. Mineral supplementation is vitally important for reproduction, milk production and overall herd health. According to Big Gain, “Our Synergy Mineral line is formulated with a lower level of phosphorous and is designed to be fed along with high quality pasture, roughage or byproducts. This product fits very well in any situation where added phosphorous is not necessary and allows producers to take advantage of those cost savings.” We have multiple Synergy Mineral products available, including Synergy Breeder Mineral (#5821), Synergy R1200 (with Rumensin, #5823), Synergy R2000 (with Rumensin, #5836, and Synergy IGR (with insect control, #5822). We’d be happy to help you include these products in your feeding protocol, or put you in touch with our Big Gain representative to find the product that best suits your needs.

I wish you success as we embark upon this new season. After a long, wet winter and spring, we have faced many challenges, but we can only overcome adversity if we don’t give up and keep working together. Sunny skies are surely ahead! 

Darian Horejsi
Feed Mill Manager

Feed Department Team: Jared Bakken, Nathan Bahn, Mark Jeseritz, Cory Lindstrom, Chris McGeary, Kim Ose, Mark Schettler, Lonnie Roepke