From the Feed Mill - April 2019
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Laura Horejsi

Trudging through the snow, shoveling, fighting with equipment that doesn’t appreciate the cold weather… By the time you read this newsletter, I hope this will all be a distant memory. Despite the cold and difficult conditions this past winter, we were able to receive deliveries and get the feed out to our producers in a timely manner. For that, we have the hardworking employees and farmers to thank. Our employees were diligent to work and travel in the harsh weather, and farmers did a great job of keeping their yards blown out so we could maneuver our trucks in and out. Thank you to all. It certainly wasn’t easy, but together we got the job done!

This winter we have spent some time focusing on the different factors that go into raising healthy calves. Jacob Weg, calf specialist with Big Gain, has been visiting farms along with our farm production specialist, Kim Ose, to assist and educate calf producers on how to assess their operation and animals, and how to make improvements when necessary. Among other things, Jacob is able to test bottles and feeding areas for presence of harmful bacteria and recommend workable solutions for minimizing these pathogens. He also surveys barns for proper ventilation, moisture levels, bedding conditions, etc. and makes recommendations on this front. These kinds of assessments are a valuable tool for understanding herd health. If you would like Jacob to come visit your farm, please be in touch.

Be sure to be providing your calves with fresh drinking water, clean and dry bedding, good ventilation and quality feed. We offer a good selection of milk replacers, starters and growers to start them off right. Also watch them closely for loose stools, discharge from eyes or nostrils, poor coat condition or droopy ears as these are all signs of potential illness. The goal is not just for your calves to survive, but to thrive!

Stop in and check out several spring promotions we have coming up, including NutriSource dog food, calf jackets for new customers, and mineral specials. Thank you for your continued patronage. I wish you safety and success for the spring season!

Darian Horejsi
Feed Mill Manager

Feed Department Team: Jared Bakken, Mark Jeseritz, Cory Lindstrom, Chris McGeary, Kim Ose, Mark Schettler, Lonnie Roepke

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