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From the Feed Mill - April 2018

Greetings from the Feed Department!

Although the chilly weather seems to have hung on longer into springtime than we would’ve liked this year, I am thankful that warmer days are surely ahead. It is always fun to see the little calves and lambs bouncing along next to their mothers in the pastures this time of year. Many of you likely have kids already beginning to prepare young animals for the 4H show ring come county fair time. Be sure to let us know if we can help you out with giving them a great start.  We offer a wide variety of feeds and can also special order show feeds upon request. Call or stop in to discuss your needs, and bring the kids along… We’re always happy to help the next generation succeed in the world of agriculture.

In a small community, we often assume everyone knows what everyone else is doing (and sometimes it feels like this is true!) However, I wanted to share a brief rundown of all the services we offer here at the EET feed mill, both for those of you who have been our patrons for many years, and for those who are new to working with us. We provide feed for most all of the livestock common to our area: beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, goats, sheep, horses, rabbits and poultry. Delivery options include bulk and bagged feed, as well as direct drop. We offer starter, grower and finisher feeds, creep feed, show feed, milk replacer, liquid feed, lick tubs, mineral and salt blocks, pet food and bird feed. We work with a variety of distributors to be able to offer a range of products and competitive pricing. All of this seems to keep us pretty busy around here! However, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re thankful and proud to have our home town cooperative serve our local community.

Keep in mind that May is beef month and June is dairy month. We want to thank the beef and dairy producers for getting up early and staying up late to help birth those babies and milk those cows, among the many other duties they perform to care for their herds. Personally, I don’t think there are many things better than a good steak or a cold chocolate milk!

Thank you for partnering with EET to sustain and grow your business. I wish you a successful spring season!

Kind regards,
Darian Horejsi
Feed Mill Operations Manager

Feed Department Team: Jared Bakken, Mark Jeseritz, Tanner Kosen, Caden Laleman, Cory Lindstrom, Lonnie Roepke