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From the Feed Mill - April 2017

Greetings from the Feed Department!

If you’re like me, springtime and warmer temps in our region are a welcome change. The longer days and warm sunshine bring the hope of a new growing season for crop farmers and livestock producers alike. By the time you receive this newsletter, many of you will have a couple months of calving and lambing under your belts, and are busy giving your young livestock a good start. Keep us in mind for your milk replacer, starter and creep feed needs. We work with a variety of distributors to be able to offer you a range of products and competitive pricing.

Before we know it, county fairs will be underway, and many of you have kids that are preparing 4-H animals for show already. With that in mind, I wanted to mention the different feeds we can offer, including rabbit pellets, chicken grower, lamb starters, and more! We can also special order show feeds upon request. Please be sure to call or stop in to discuss your needs, and include the kids in the process. We’re always happy to help the next generation succeed in the world of agriculture.

On that note, I have had the opportunity to attend many trainings over the past year, many regarding human relations within the agricultural world, among other topics. It is encouraging to be part of a dynamic industry in which we can help one another continue to learn and grow.

I want to thank our patrons for doing their part in helping us implement the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) requirements. As it is with anything new, there was some uncertainty and questions last year as we approached this change, but overall it has been a smooth transition. We understand there still may be questions moving forward; please don’t hesitate to contact us or your veterinarian with any concerns you may have.

Thank you for partnering with EET to sustain and grow your business. I wish you a happy Easter and a successful spring season!

Kind regards,
Darian Horejsi
Feed Mill Operations Manager

Feed Department Team: Maverick Fiene, Mark Jeseritz, Caden Laleman, Cory Lindstrom, Devon Louwagie, Grant Moorse, Lonnie Roepke, Terry VanOverbeke