From the Feed Mill - June 2016
Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Laura Horejsi

Welcome to my first newsletter article in my new position as Feed Mill Operations Manager. I have been with Equity Elevator for about 6½ years, working in the Agronomy Department as Lead Applicator. My wife Laura and I were both born and raised in this area and have chosen to raise our family in this area. Laura and I have four children: Owen, Klaira, Sawyer and Audra (born on May 7, 2016). Our hobbies and activities pretty well revolve around our children.

With my new role, I will be responsible for making sure that all bulk feeds get manufactured and delivered in a timely and efficient manner as well as customer service for both the bulk and bagged feeds. I will also be responsible for implementing the protocols and practices that keep us compliant with the state and federal rules. This is a challenge that I look forward to at Equity Elevator. Please feel free to contact me at the mill if you have any questions. Also, please stop in the Mill Office to get acquainted and to pick up your load sheets for bagged feed products and we will gladly load the products for you.

For all bagged feed picked up at the mill, please stop in the mill office to pick up a load sheet and someone will help you load. Thank you!

One of the first issues we will have to deal with, starting January 1, 2017, is the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued new requirements for feed distributors, veterinarians and producers to follow when using certain antibiotic products that are considered medically important to humans. The goal is to address public and consumer concern of antimicrobial resistance developing from the animal livestock arm of the food chain. This is an effort to help ensure safe food and sustainable long-term use of antimicrobials for both animals and humans. 

What is a VFD? It is a written authorization (much like a prescription), issued by a licensed veterinarian, for a producer to obtain and use medicated feed additives for their animals that are considered medically important to humans. The VFD will contain the following information: Veterinarian’s and Producer’s name, address, telephone number, premise location where feed will be consumed, issue date, expiration date (maximum six months), name of the animal drug, species and production class, approximate number of animals to receive medication prior to expiration date, level of drug and duration use, withdrawal period, indication for what the drug is used for and the vet’s signature. Any veterinarian issuing a VFD must operate in compliance with appropriate veterinarian-client relationship requirements. Additionally, all feeds containing VFD drugs must be used in accordance to the label (i.e. no extra label use).

Please Note: The VFD must be held by the issuing veterinarian, feed manufacturer and the producer for a period of two years from date of issue.

Listed below are some of the drugs we currently use that will transition to the VFD status:

Establish Drug Name... Proprietary Drug Name(s)                                                                 

Chlortetracycline... Aureomycin, CTC, etc.                                                                        

Chlortetracycline/sulfamethazine... AS700                                      

Lincomycin... Lincomix                                                                                   

Oxytetracycline... Terramycin, TM, etc.                                                                                          

Oxytetracycline... Neo-Oxy, NT, etc.

Penicillin... Penicillin, Penicillin G Procaine

Tylosin... Tylan

Virginiamycin... Stafac

The drugs listed above are just a partial list. We will keep you updated as we move closer to the deadline.

Thank you for your business!

Darian Horejsi
Feed Mill Operations Manager

Feed Mill Team: Nathan Bloch, Mark Jeseritz, Tony Johnson, Caden Laleman, Cory Lindstrom, Kristy Meier, Lonny Roepke, Terry VanOverbeke

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