Tidbits From the Feed Department
Friday, April 10, 2015
Laura Horejsi

We’ve started carrying a few new products for dairy cows. Instead of using blood meal along with our base, we’re using a product from Purdue Agsolutions, called MetAAtien, which is a combination of blood plasma and amino acids. The cows will utilize 90% of this product compared to 76% of straight blood meal. Another product from Purdue is called LysAAmet which is an amino acid supplement to help improve profitability through increased milk volume and concentration of milk components. LysAAmet provides a concentrated, consistent and balanced amino acid supply with a focus on metabolizable lysine and methionine. University research has shown that these two amino acids supplied in the proper ratio can improve energy utilization in the diet which can result in increased milk yield, milk fat yield, and milk protein yield. Another product we’ve started using is extruded flax feed. It helps balance the ratio of omega fatty acids. This probably seems kind of boring but we’ve seen very good results on all three products along with good payback.

With the cattle markets showing losses on traditional cattle, many of our producers have started feeding Holsteins. Working with Big Gain feeds, we have a good packer contract available with J.B.S. in Green Bay. We have programs for getting calves from babies, 200 lbs, and feeders. We have producers that can background the 200 lb’ers to 500 lb’s. if interested contact myself or Don Ginder at Big Gain. The Holsteins show a good profit potential.

We’ll be making pelleted creep feed for calves on pasture again this summer. The pricing is quite a bit better than last year. There’s a booking program going on now on hydrolac and silage innoculants. We carry three different innoculants: one is a dry product, one is water soluble, and we also have one that’s water soluble with buchneri for longer storage life. We’re also taking tarp orders for delivery before fall.

Thanks, have a great spring season.

Tom Staniszewski
Feed Department Manager

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