Anne's Accounting - April 2015

Spring has sprung!?

The calendar officially says its spring and the stretch of nice weather we had earlier definitely made us feel like winter was over, but anyone that has lived in Minnesota knows that spring can play tricks on us! Anyway, the moisture is a blessing, so we will have to be patient in the meantime I guess.

We’ve had some changes over the winter as Jeanne Gabbert retired after 20 years of dedicated service with Equity Elevator & Trading Co. Thank you to Kim Ose for taking over the feed billing/AR statements and to Pam Redetzke and Carroll Kuehn for transitioning some duties as well!

Another change our community saw was the closing of our local grocery store. I want to thank Dick and Pat Haneca for all they did over the years for Wood Lake! Pat was at the store for 37 years as she started out working with the prior owner Norman Barge (pictured below at their auction). 

Although changes are not always easy, it helps me put things in perspective when I think about Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, “For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven.” So whether it be the first robin we see or green grass that pokes through, spring has a sense of renewal about it…a promise if you will.  

"Life cycles round in circles, a change each season sends. An ever-turning spiral, no beginning and no end. From autumn through to winter, from spring to summertime. Keep waiting and you’ll find again the sun will start to shine!"

Anne M. Anderson

Administrative Team: Pam Redetzke, Carroll Kuehn & Kim Ose


Raising Us Up

My very first recollection in my life is me being in my toddler bed and my brother Denver in his crib…we shared a bedroom with our parents! We were ‘low on the totem pole’ in a big family with 10 kids, so 'real estate' in the house was at a premium. Laura was born when my Mom was 47 so she indeed is the tail-end, but lucky for her, the real estate value went down. I have told people for years about how old Mom was when she had Laura. Although I am not 47 yet, it dawned on me the other day that I am getting close to that age - so I better quit referring to that as being 'old'!

Anyway, this dear lady we call 'Mom' was born in Posen Township to Julius and Augusta Timm. I tease her that she is related to everybody in Wood Lake, but then she says that I am too…yikes! Alice Margaret is the youngest of five siblings, and when we were finding things for the 100th anniversary, it was fun to find annual meeting reports with my Grandpa Julius on the board of Equity Elevator & Trading Co. as the treasurer. Mom’s older brother, Vernon Timm, worked many years for Westside Implement (in the same building our office is located). 

Dad and she were married for over 50 years, and over the decades Mom endured all the hair and clothing style changes for teens as well as the music that boomed throughout the house... My sister Mary and I playing Pat Benatar and ACDC in the 80’s on the 8-track player (it had a lever you pushed down like you were lighting TNT) was maybe not her favorite. Mom has put more saddles and bridles on ponies, and her fried chicken (that we ate off the tailgate at horse shows and rodeos) could have run KFC out of business. 

I’m sure Mom’s patience was tested many times raising us… One small test occurred after she got back from bringing eggs to the hatchery to find out that my sisters Karen and Mary had pierced my ears with a needle they had ‘borrowed’ from our Grandma. I thought it was a great idea until we started the process…Karen told Mary to ‘hold me down’ for the second ear. Mom also had to frequently play referee in the winter time after we came in from outside after playing ‘king of the mountain’ with our older brothers (Steve, Tom, Mike, Bob & Chuck) on the snow piles…dang it, I was never queen of the mountain!

Mom made sure we did well in school and she could star on a Tide commercial for getting stains out of sports uniforms. She could give any taxi driver a run for their money with all the trips to pick us up after school events. In Echo, the way Mom knew it was time to pick us up was we would call her from the pay phone and then hang up (please don’t tell Graham Bell we cheated them out of a few quarters). In Wood Lake, I would call her from the school office after we got back from the away games (no cell phones back then). When I got in the vehicle, she would ask me how it went… then we’d talk about other things and by the time we got home just a few short miles later, any stress from the day was gone. Yep, that’s our Mom… the best listener in the world. 

Through all the years of raising us what remained true was Mom’s faith - so I thought it fitting with Easter ‘right around the bunny trail’ to share some of the words from Josh Groban’s song, You Raise Me Up:

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;

I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;

You raise me up…to more than I can be. 

Thanks, Mom, for raising us up! Now Mom helps out at the Granite Falls Manor with caring for 'old' people… She’s a one-of-a-kind, that Timm girl!!

Also, an early 'Happy Mother’s Day' to all of you moms who have wiped your child’s tears when they fell, encouraged your kids to give it one more try and hugged them when they needed it! 

On a business note, we have new auditors from Clifton Larson Allen. They completed our 6-month financial review in January, and Equity Elevator & Trading Co. is on track to an improved balance sheet. It’s exciting to see where the next century will take us!

Anne M. Anderson

Administrative Team: Pam Redetzke, Jeanne Gabbert, Carroll Kuehn & Kim Ose


Anne's Accounting

A Farmer's Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and out on the farm,

Not a creature was stirring in the stable or barn.

The hats were all hung after a long day of sowing,

And just like the song, the cattle were lowing.

The chickens were nestled in roost boxes of straw,

The dog was snoozing by the farmer’s front door.

Both farmer and wife sat out in the yard,

Relaxing after a day of working so hard.

When out in the pasture there was a stomping of hooves,

“Sounds like our cattle are on the move.”

The farmer quickly rose from his chair,

Wondering what gave his heifers a scare.

The ‘Terry Redlin’ sky gave just enough light,

For the farmer to see a very strange sight.

An eight-cattle drove pulling a truck,

With a roaring V8 and a box full of gifts ‘a muck’.

The driver’s arm propped up on the door,

It had to be Santa, the farmer was sure.

Kicking up snow his steers came,

He whistled and shouted and called them by name.

“On Sausage, on T-Bone, on Ribs, on Stew,

On Schnitzel, on Beefy, on Rump Roast and Moo.

To the top of the dairy, to the top of the hayshed,

Keep moving on bullies so you can get fed!”


Then with a bang, they crashed on the roof,

The tin rumbled like thunder under each solid hoof.

In through the screen door the farmer did race,

As Santa squeezed out of the old fireplace.

He was dressed in jean bibs and a flannel shirt,

Old St. Nick was covered in soot and dirt.

His eyes twinkled as he expressed his mirth,

Santa’s belly shook with considerable girth.

The beard on his chin was white as a lamb,

And the smile on this face as wide as a dam.

He gave the farmer a wink and a thumb in the air,

Then offloaded the presents and got out of there.

He jumped back in his truck and spurred on his team,

The engine grunted and purred like a dream.

He turned to yell as he drove out of sight,

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”


I adapted this from a version of the popular Christmas poem I found on The Graceful Doe’s Blog

Warm Christmas wishes to all,
Anne Anderson