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Anne's Accounting - December 2015

It’s hard to believe we are almost to December… another year drawing to a close. Before we wrap it up, I want to tell you about some of the exciting things that have been happening at Equity Elevator. We helped Wood Lake celebrate 75 years of the fair, and I took this pic at our annual meeting... I told them I wanted to take a picture of ‘the neighbors’ Karen Appeldorn, Alice Kvistad (my Mom), and Jerome and Darlene Timm.  Besides the dear people in these pictures, I like what’s also in them… our elevator and the American flag.   


Speaking of the flag, cue up Lee Greenwood singing “Proud to be an American” on this harvest picture of the Hinz family. We are very glad that the timing worked out (with their twin girls starting kindergarten) to have Jennifer Hinz back as an employee doing our Accounts Payable. Another great pic is Jennifer’s husband Ben with their daughter Kiara - looks like she is one of Dad’s best helpers on their farming operation.


George Neville retired after driving feed truck for our elevator 10 years. Thanks George for getting the feed to our patrons rain or shine… we will miss you but wish you the best in retirement! Jory Bossuyt from Clarkfield (a Lakeview and SDSU graduate) started as our Grain Merchandiser. He helped out on his first day to cover one of our big bunkers. He’s in the picture on the right along with Caden Laleman, Reed Raddatz, Rod Winter, Jim Disbrow (seasonal grain), Brooks Torke and Jared Bakken. We also have two new employees in our feedmill - Tony Johnson from Cottonwood and Terry VanOverbeke from Hanley Falls is a new driver. We appreciate all the hard work and time our employees put in during harvest… a big shout out to Johnnie Brandts and Nathan Bahn in Grain. Our elevator took in a record number of bushels this fall!


Have a wonderful Christmas Season and God bless you as you gather with family and friends!    

Anne Anderson

Administrative Team: Pam Redetzke, Jennifer Hinz & Kim Ose