The Agronomy Avenue - June 2019
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Laura Horejsi

It has been an extremely frustrating spring for you, me and anyone else associated with agriculture.  To date, we have done very little fertilizing and planting in our area.  Hopefully by the time you read this you will have more of your crop planted than you did by the end of May.  Yesterday I attended an insurance meeting where they talked about “prevent planted acres” and what your options are.  I understand that there is no substitute for growing a normal crop, but in order to make the best of a bad situation you need to visit with your crop insurance agent and review any opportunities you may have to salvage some value on the acres that you can’t plant.  Also remember to report your acres to the FSA.

Keep in mind that you have to control the weeds and you should not let the land lay idle for the year without any crop on the land, for the good of the land.  You may want to have some kind of cover crop, depending on when you can get something planted.  I would recommend getting something planted that will help improve the land.  Check with me on cover crop combinations that can be planted through out the summer.  Things to consider are improving soil tilth, soil fertility, haying or grazing after November 1.

As I mentioned earlier, you will have to control the weeds.  For recommendations, as well as spraying, check with me and let us help you.  Also, let us help you do a timely job of taking care of the acres you did get planted with spraying and fertilizer, if you did not get fertilized before you planted.  We are set up to side dress 28% nitrogen with our Miller Side Dress Bar and we do have the high wheeled dry spreader that you can spin on urea with.  Even if you got fertilizer on early, you may want to selectively side dress the acres that have the potential to raise a good crop.  Check with me and we can review your potential possibilities.

We are here to help you raise the Maximum Economical Yield (MEY) on every acre possible.

Brooks Torke
Agronomy Manager

Agronomy Team: Reed Raddatz, Ryan Reishus & Paul Sitter

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