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The Agronomy Avenue - December 2016

We want to start by saying “Thank You” for your business this past year.  Overall we had a good year with probably one of the best corn crops we have seen in this area and a very good soybean year.  As you look ahead to next year, keep in mind that we have had two good corn crops in a row.  Make sure you maintain the nutrient levels in your fields.  Nutrient levels in your field are just like a bank account, you can’t draw out more than you deposit.  It is a good idea to keep the bases loaded for these years that bless us with exceptional yields.

Last year at this time we talked a little about a weed that has been described as “Public Enemy No. 1”, Palmer amararanth.  Apparently this weed continues to invade the corn belt and has started to work closer and closer to us.  This particular weed is a member of the pigweed family, of which waterhemp is also a member.  This particular weed, a native of the Southeastern US, is very prolific and can produce up to 500,000 seeds per plant.  Agronomists warn that vigilance is important in keeping this weed out.  In fact, experts suggest that the female plants be removed from the field burned, composted or buried to destroy the seeds.  Plus, keeping a sharp eye on the fields to make sure that there were no seeds missed.  Effort now can avoid big problems down the road.  There have been reports that some of this weed is showing up in CRP plantings, make sure you use high quality seed if you are doing any seeding.    If you have any questions, please contact us and discuss prevention and or control measures to avoid a future problem.

As a reminder, keep in mind our Equity Loyalty Program for 2017.  Our member-customers that have taken advantage of this program the last several years have been extremely happy with the results.  You can contact either the agronomy or grain department for details or to sign up.  Either Brooks or Jory can explain the program and sign you up.

In closing, we would like to thank everyone that supported us this past year.  You are the reason we have been here for more than 100 years and look forward to serving you for many years into the future. 


Brooks Torke
Agronomy Manager

Agronomy Team: Jared Bakken & Reid Raddatz