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The Agronomy Avenue - April 2015

Spring is right around the corner again... Well, we hope anyways. This winter has been very mild with very little precipitation. Hopefully we can get some rain to get the rest of the frost out of the ground, as well as give us a little bit of moisture to plant into. I have been hearing some interesting old logics on being as dry as we are this spring. The two I liked the best were: “Plant in the dust and your bins will bust” or “Plant in the dust and you will busy”. If we don’t get any rain I am really hoping the first one holds true.

This winter we have been busy with construction, maintenance, and meetings. It has been a good winter for doing most of the stuff we had to accomplish. As you may have noticed our new chemical shed is near completion, with just a couple finishing touches left on it. We have all of the bulk tanks in and operational. We also have our 28% tanks in, and we are also thinking about bringing in a specialty starter fertilizer for the spring of 2016. This spring we are hoping we have the entire packaged chemical at the west store and the feed uptown. If something changes, call beforehand and I will let you know where you need to go to get your products. If you would like to, come see the shed... Swing into the office and I will give you a little tour. I am hoping to have as open house this summer so be on the lookout for more information.

The guys have been busy servicing and making repairs on all of our equipment. We have all been attending some educational meetings to help better service our patrons. One of the meetings was the Dow Enlist Release dates and informational meeting. There is no new news on this. They are still planning on a 2016 release date on their Dicamba beans, pending on several approvals. They will be releasing Enlist-duo which is their water based 24D premixed with Glyphosate, for use on corn, on very limited supply. We also went to listen to Dr. David Kohls, an economist who is amazing on predicting the future of agriculture and I highly recommend seeing him. A couple of the guys also went to service training for Nh3 tanks and equipment. With all the regulations on anhydrous, we are trying to stay ahead of the ball on following everything for the state and also for everyone’s safety.

In ending, I would like to remind everyone to get your Loyalty Program forms in to get your 10 cent premiums on your 2015 crops before spring gets in to full swing. If you have lost your sheet, give me a call or stop in and see me. It is not a contract, so if you find a better price, your crops are not locked into us. It is a program to help the farmers when the markets are low and to thank new customers and existing customers for your business. Also, if you are in need of any specialty grass mixes this spring/summer such as wild flowers, buffer strips, or cover crops, stop in for some prices.

Have a safe and good spring.

Brooks Torke
Agronomy Manager

Agronomy Team: Darian Horejsi, Jared Bakken, Stanley (Dennis Gacksetter) and Reed Raddatz