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The Agronomy Avenue - October 2014

Dear Patrons,

This summer has been very interesting to say the least, from the extremely wet June, to the abnormally cool July and August that set the crops back. It also made things interesting for the applicators to get through wet fields; they did a great job again this summer. We also experienced the crazy drop in crop prices coming into fall.

This summer we purchased a nitrogen tool bar to side dress liquid fertilizer. This will allow the crops to get nutrients when they need them, from V8 to tasseling. We had a lot of luck testing it on 30”, 22”, and 20” rows. We didn’t do as many acres this year as we were hoping to do, due to the wet weather and crop prices. I have a good feeling this will change, with regulations coming down the pipeline on when, where and how much nitrogen you are allowed to put down on your acres. This will be broke down by regions and bodies of water. The details are still fuzzy on this subject, as the MCPR (Minnesota Crop Production Retailers) is trying to make it fair to both sides instead of the state reaping the benefits. There are some meetings they are planning on having this winter when it is all set in stone. They also mentioned that they are cracking down on nitrogen use now and the phosphorus regulations will be next.

A few of you may have noticed we are building a new chemical warehouse. This is due to the fact that our current warehouse was not sufficient to hold mini bulk chemicals as well as the dikes getting old and out of date. In the new warehouse we will have a totally diked building to make loading/unloading easier for everybody. This also means that all of the bulk chemicals will be in this shed and the packaged chemicals will be behind the office. All the feed will be moved to the elevator when everything is done. We will also be handling our own liquid fertilizer starters.

With that being said, we are getting equipment ready for the fall to start. We are hoping that winter stays away long enough so we can get everything done like we have the past few years, although with the way this year is going nothing would really surprise me. We would like to also wish you a safe and easy harvest. We are looking forward to servicing all your agronomy needs.

Thank you for your continued support.

Brooks Torke
Agronomy Manager

Agronomy Team: Darian Horejsi, Jared Bakken, Stanley (Dennis Gacksetter) and Reed Raddatz